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Travel Agency "Blitz Tour "- a charming, very friendly like-minded company that helps organize trips for our country and abroad, as well as a reception in the cities of Moscow and Tyumen, including sightseeing tours and hotel reservations.

Our goal - to enter each client's travel community in which all his desires are combined with opportunities to acquire new impressions and experiences.

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Year founded: 1586
Geographic location: 57? 09? latitude, 65? 32? longitude
Administrative status: capital of the Tyumen region
Distance from Moscow: (by train) 2,138 kilometers
Difference from Moscow: time zone: +2 hours
Population: 560, 000 people
Transportation: International airport “Roshino”, local airport “Plehanovo”, rail road station, auto station, port of the river Tura.

On the 29th of July 1586 the construction of the Tyumen burg was started that became the first Russian city in Siberia. The founders of the burg, voivodes Vassili Sukin and Ivan Myasnoy, had chosen a territory well-protected by the banks of the Tura and Tyumenka rivers.

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Ermak (?-1585)
Semen Remezov (1642-1720)
Georg Steller (1709-1746)
Alexandr Radischev (1749-1802)
Alexandr Aljabev (1787-1851)
Peter Ershov (1815-1869)
Vasily Perov (1833-1882)
Mihail Znamensky (1833-1894)
Dmitry Mendeleev (1834-1907)
Ivan Kalganov (1845-1882)
Chekhov in Ishim
Grigory Rasputin (1869 -1916)
Romanovs in Tobolsk

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Moscow is the capital and the largest city of Russia. It is also the largest metropolitan area in Europe and ranks among the largest urban areas in the world. Moscow is a major political, economic, cultural, religious, financial, educational, and transportation centre of Russia and the world, a global city. It is also the seventh largest city proper in the world, a megacity. The population of Moscow (as of 1 June 2009) is 10,524,400.

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Year founded: 1587
Geographic location: 58°14' latitude., 68°21' longitude
Administrative status: town in the obedience of the region, the center of the district
Distance from Moscow: (by train) 2385 km.
Difference from Moscow: time zone: +2 hours
Telephone code: 3456
Population: 110, 000 people.
Transportation: rail road station, auto station, local airport, port of the river Irtysh.

Historically, Ermak’s victory was secured by construction of new fortification posts at the Russian boundaries. According to the annals, in the summer of 1587, 500 Cossacks landed on the bank of the Irtysh river, and built a small burg out of the boats they came in. The burg was located on the Trinity cape, which was so called since the foundation of the burg coincided with the Trinity holiday. The burg was called Tobolesk, and later its articulation was reduced to Tobolsk.

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