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All major Russian cellular operators providing communication services in GSM standard (Utel, MTS, Megafon, BeeLine) are present in Tyumen region. High quality coverage is available in towns and big settlements, as well as along motorways and railways. There are public call offices in all densely populated areas providing telephone communication with any place of the world. Public call boxes are installed in the streets of many towns in Tyumen region. The calls are paid by telephone cards sold in newsstands and in the post offices. Most newsstands sell special telephone cards for long distance calls (“Contact” cards and other). Such cards usually allow calling at reduced tariffs. Newsstands sell also Internet access cards. WiFi zones are available in most big hotels and business centres, as well as in central districts of Tyumen city. Cellular operators offer WAP services and mobile Internet access. There are specialized Internet offices in many towns offering PCs for rent for Internet connection. Internet access spots are also available in some big post offices.

The time of letters and packages delivery from Tyumen abroad is several weeks. Urgent delivery is possible through express services like EMS or DHL, having offices in Tyumen and some other towns of Tyumen region.

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The Church was constructed in the middle of the XVIII century in the style of Siberian baroque. It was the only church in Tobolsk province having 13 crosses. Future emperor Alexander II, son of Nicholas I, prayed in this church upon arrival to Tyumen.

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There are many picturesque landscapes in Tyumen region: taiga forests, powerful and meandering rivers, beautiful lakes. This land is rich in flora and fauna and thus, is attractive for people who are fond of active rest, hunting and fishing. Those, who like to admire rare species registered in the Red Book are welcome to "The Maryino ravine" - a unique conserved territory in the South of the Tyumen region. This tour offers you to climb a along a curved path to the height of 24th storied building, or just to watch all the beauty from the viewing place.

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The first stone church in Yalutorovsk was the Candlemas church built in 1777. Its architectural style can be referred to as Siberian baroque. The church was built on a picturesque bank of the Tobol river and could be well observed from the distance, since it dominated over all smaller buildings in the town. The church was 35 meters high. According to the memoirs, bell chime from the church could be clearly heard in every corner of the town. There was a three-layer iconostasis 11,5 meters high that was of unique artistic value. In 1931 the major spiritual symbol of Yalutorovsk was sipped off the face of the earth. A color picture of the church have been preserved up to now that can verify its grandeur and beauty.

The fate of the church was shared by Voznessenskaya church built in honour of the victory of Russia over Napoleon.

In 1872 near the cemetery where the Decembrists were buried the Nikolskaya church was constructed, and was functioning with some disruptions during the Soviet regime. In 1954 the church was partially reconstructed, and a side-chapel of the Virgin’s Assumption was built. Since then it was named the Nikolsko-Uspenskaya church. In the year of Millenium a chapel was erected in memory of the demolished Sretenski church. In 2003 a stone was laid as a symbol of revival of the Sretenski church.
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Tobolsk drama theatre
Tobolsk drama theatre is by right considered the oldest in Siberia. First records on performances in Tobolsk can be dated 1705, and were organized by metropolitan Phylopheum to visualize Biblical stories and to make God’s behests more available for people. In 1743 a theological seminary was opened, whose teachers and students also participated in performances.

Tyumen Theater of Drama
The first performance took place in 1858.
Address: Tyumen, Gertsena street, 70
Tel.: +7 (3452) 46-10-22

Tyumen State Puppet and Mask theatre
The today's building of the theater with a performance hall for 400 seats opened in 1972. The theater regularly produces plays by N. Gogol, A. Puchkin and other Russian classics. The main audience of the theatre are children.
Address: Tyumen, Kirova street, 36
Tel.: 46-18-40

Youth Theater "Engagement"
…"Engagement" is peculiar not only for its special atmosphere but for the charm of its creative novelty : their performances held in form of drama lessons, search for new forms and original stage decisions." (from a theatrical notice).

Tyumen Philharmonic Society
The new building of the Tyumen Philharmonic society meets high standards of acoustics. Well-known musicians and actors often show their mastery on its stage.
Address: Tyumen, Respubliki street, 34
Tel.: 46-16-03

The building of Tyumen circus is considered to be the most modern and beautiful in the Ural-Siberian region. Stunning circus programs enchant not only children, but their parents as well.

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